Tuesday, September 11, 2007

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1. Why should you study something lightly! You know that God and greatness is in everything. And you also know that it is another “you” who has expressed his knowledge, which you’re studying.
And above all why should you waste your life and time in studying something lightly.
2. Friends are important, study is important. But if you like to pass more time in study, you must do it. You see you must enjoy your friend; otherwise it is better to stay away for the day from him.
3. Every single knowledge you grasp, it’ll not go fruitless, result less, it’ll show it’s effect sooner or latter.
Whatever little work or study you do, do it perfectly, nicely, clearly.
Even put unclear things clearly unclear.
4. Give priority to those studies, to which you thinks you need to give priority.
5. Study in whichever condition you are in, whether in the park or on the beach. How foolish it’s to say you’ll study correctly, only on the study chair-table!!
6. You can also do another beautiful thing, i.e. read something and then meditate over it, and then read something else and then meditate; on and on you could go. It’s good.
7. I’m a disciple of Swami Vivekananda. And while studying my Master’s word, I use to read slowly and try my best to grasp everything. I must suggest myself that whatever I studies, I must study the way I studies my Master’s words. Otherwise it shows that I am impatient; and no impatient one will ever succeed
8. Why should you think more only after finishing an article, why not in the middle of it, or somewhere else, time and again, more and more.
9. Whenever any song bubbles in your mind, stop singing it in mind, and memorize any definition which you’ve remembered.
10. Say “I’m gonna remember every single word concerning my course of studies. I’m Gonna be the best person, writing the best answer.” Tremendous will, you see!
11. Practice in any way you prefer.
12. ‘Stick to truth, and we shall succeed, may be slowly, but surely.’
Be truthful to your weakness. If you are weak in something, then accept it, and you’ve got every power to eliminate that weakness.
13. Start picking up for your exams... Every moment you know. Go and succeed tremendously. Go and get that precious thing, i.e. KNOWLEDGE.
14. Conduct demo examination for yourself at home.
15. If you’ve remembered two sentences, there is no reason why you can’t remember two thousand sentences.
16. If I’ll say preparation for every study is an impossible task, then this task is for whom! Every moment you expense for your studies, that each moment is your precious gain. That knowledge which you’ll gain will serve you and others so long as you are alive.
Never postpone anything for other days.
17. Say “I’ll sacrifice many many things to achieve my goals.”
18. Stop practicing reading without understanding, because due to such habit you build-up an in-built habit in your mind, and it’s just gravely injurious to you and to your mind and to your time.
This habit is called absentmindedness and simple work of eyes, and if you read by tongue, simple work of tongue, and nothing else, you do not gains anything.
19. Discard all pleasure.
20. If you would be evading every time real studies, you would be evading till the end of the exam.
21. Don’t think that you’ll remember something by heart instantly. It warrants constant practice and constant memorizing. That is why it is said infinite perseverance, infinite patience.
22. Say to you “The good news is that whatever I’m reading, I’m remembering everything.”
23. Do not look at the clock repeatedly. You know how much time you get; and when you get, just utilize that much.
24. It is not what the amount of time you put into the work, it’s the amount of work you put into the time.
25. Great things can be done by great sacrifices (sacrifice of other great things) only.
26. Do not limit yourself by anything or by anyone. Also do not prescribe any limitation for yourself. You’re a gigantic tornado and it can’t be succumbed within a small hut. You’re limitless. It is only those teachers whose intention is only money, calls you limited; that the course should be finished within a certain months, and within certain note books, books, etc., etc. Don’t trust them who say you weak. They only speak so for money. Within all of us there is that infinite knowledge. All the Vedas and Bible are within all of us.


27. Sometimes while reading answer of a question I once or twice goes back to read what is the question!!! UH!
28. Don’t let the time to decide your amount of preparation. Complete all the preparation in the stipulated time given to you.
29. Some days before exam, never forget to maintain your habit of writing, time to time.
30. Say “I’ll never tire till get it.”
31. Always know one thing in this coming exam that there is no such thing called impossible, and know one thing for certain that no studies is impossible for you to tackle perfectly in these coming days.
32. Sacrifice anything!
33. Preparing for your exams is also an opportunity for you to write books on all the subjects you make preparation for. It’s a joy.
34. Just go on and on.
35. The great spirit of confidence of sure success will come automatically when you’ll work hard. Time, patience, and indomitable will, will bring that confidence within you.
36. You can listen music after your exams. you can do everything after your exams.
37. Do everything necessary to succeed. Every small bit of thing, every great thing. Every sort of studies, etc.
38. Now an idea comes to you that you could face one problem, i.e. lack of time. Well, why should you let this be a problem for you? The simple solution is do not waste a single minute in any way.
39. Deal strictly with all those factors, which disturbs your studies.
40. If you fail thousand times to remember anything makes the attempt once more.
41. Hard work also mean not to waste a single second in idleness.
42. The things will feed into mind in a proper system, in a proper manner, with proper equations. Hence unless these conditions arrive, no matter how many times you repeat reading, it’s all going to be fruitless and waste of energy, time. Therefore you’ve to study in proper manner, there is no other way.
43. Improve yourself slowly, but steadily, in those areas where you’re weak.
44. Work work work, the more you’ll work, the more you’ll be nearer to you goal. All these studies are the work. You need to work it out in your pen and paper or whatever.
45. While walking you can also memorise your studies.

* Whatever you’ll think that you’ll become.

46. While studying be brave, face the reality (your present study ability) as it is. And be honest to yourself (your preparation till date), and if you’ll be such, you’ll improve.
47. Have faith that you’ll remember everything you read, and believe me; you’ll remember everything you read.
48. If you’ll not make attempt to remember if you’ll not make effort to remember anything, any definition, you’ll not remember anything. You only remember those definitions, which you’ve made effort to remember, by repeating again and again and practicing writing it.
49. Read some portions again and again, practicing writing again and again, and thereby you’ll do the best.
50. It’s great to remember answers word by word, but if you find it hard somewhere to remember it word by word and if at that place you can express that meaning in your own word, it’s just great, it’s just great, and it’s no way inferior to any other answer.
51. There is no short cut to success. You’ve to do great labor.
52. Remember the important word ‘practice’, regularly practice, practice again and again.
53. At first it’ll seem to you so tough to remember but with the practice of three to four times it’ll seem so easy to you.
At first it may cause you severe irritation but after sometime it’ll just get typed in your mind.
54. The only way is give time to studies.
55. Have patience till the end.
56. Study in a calm mind. And if needed slowly, calmly.
57. If you’ll be told to give exam on your favorite subject, you’ll do the best (the subject may not be associated with your course). How come it is? It is the revelation of heart, which is the key to great performance. As you’ve already been successful, you still can be successful this time. Just ADOPT ALL THE KNOWLEDGE, AND MAKE IT YOURSELF.

58. Before you make yourself a little loose in your tough schedule of preparing for exam. ask yourself ‘Have I finished preparing all the materials which is needed for the exam. ?’
59. At first all definitions will seem to you as very difficult to remember but after some repeated efforts you’ll remember it as easily as any other things.

The greatest advantage in remembering definitions is that, you make the beginning of writing answers of all questions by such definition. And all other things, which will follow after that, will not be that hard. And above all if you could make the beginning all others will automatically come into your mind.
Have you seen how easy now the road looks to you.
60. First read and understand and then afterwards remember it for examination.
61. Start practice from the very beginning. And don’t think that you’ll do it just before some days of exam.
62. Take every word of the course as holiest of holy and you’ll succeed like the success.
63. Say “Why should I remember other authors’ writings word by word, why should I not write on my own.”
64. Kill self first if you want to succeed. ‘Self’ means all your selfish wants, needs, and desires.
65. If meaning is coming to mind but if I’m finding it hard to express it in language, then the problem is with my language skill, my ability to express, and I need to concentrate on this field and not worrying over my memory. I can achieve it by intensive study, frequent writing, practicing. If it happens with me while studying company law, I need to read again and again and make myself habituated with its language, company language.
66. It (to do the best) has been possible by other men, and this fact is the proof that it’s also going to be possible with you.
67. Think of your favorite topic of study. For example if it is Swami Vivekananda’s word on ‘purity’ and ‘strength’ and ‘work’ and if I’ll be told to give exam on it, how I’ll do. Believe me, every study is like this, every topic is like this, provided you give sufficient time and devotion to it.
68. The Ultimate: -
69. Study with all the concentration and all the heart.
70. Control your mind. Set it only on your studies. The moment any other thought comes to mind immediately replace that one with the thought of your studies. Because whatever we’ll think that we’ll become. It’s true time is very limited, but does your best within that limited time.
71. Keep going the way you’ve been going.
72. After the persevering study of a particular topic, you’ll automatically get the questions and you’ll automatically get the answers.
73. To prepare for the coming exam, or simply to study in a proper manner, is an addiction, you may write-out hundreds of note books, and not just because it is an addiction, but also because it is the right way of learning, studying.
74. Always aim for the best. Let your exact aim be 100%. And nothing sort of it.
75. Have faith in yourself and start writing in your own language all the interpretation of whatever studies you’re doing, which you want to write.
76. First complete the main and exam oriented courses, and then if gets time you’ll go to extra improvements.
77. While reading the codified sections of laws, if you’ll concentrate on each single word, you’ll be able to understand it better.
78. Don’t judge the standard of your preparation by seeing your fellow competitors. Think that the competition is going to be of world-class and prepare you accordingly.
If you’ll look to your fellow weak competitors you’ll think yourself as very strong, and which is not true.
79. ‘Kill self first if you want to succeed’.
Kill all your desires, all the longings of enjoyment, for the coming days.
80. Write fifty page on a particular question, by which you’ll be able to write 5 page in exam hall, and not vice-versa.
81. To reach at the top is the end; you take care of means and the end will take care of itself.
82. Stay away from junk food; unhealthy, unhygienic food.
Everyday pass ten-fifteen minutes in sunshine, by which your body will get sufficient Vit. D. for the day.
And remember, exercise of your body, everyday, is a must. And even you must do it on the days of your exams. There is no other way, you must exercise!
83. Just keep going, and don’t raise your eyebrows.
84. Be creative. Make your own plans.
85. If you finds hard to remember a comprehensive answer, divide that answer into ten short question-answers, and you got the way.
86. I’ll not say you to make plans to study better, but once plans come up themselves, stick to it with infinite patience and infinite faith.
87. It’s not that once you’ve start reading from mouth means you’ll just go on reading, stop where it is necessary either to refer dictionary or to note down.
88. You’ll finish all the studies, and it’ll take time, therefore you need to have infinite patience. Otherwise if you’ll become impatience from the very beginning, it’ll hamper your smooth sailing towards your goal.
89. Control your thoughts the thoughts, which you thinks outside of course of study, are big waste. Because waste of thinking time is the biggest waste of time.
90. You cannot resist knowledge the way it should be taken. You’ve to take it the way it should be taken, no matter how much your hand suffers in writing.
91. Worry, continuous worry will be a loss of time in preparation for coming exam.
92. Doing another thing will work and will work in a great manner, and will show great result, i.e. keep only one subject for two or more days.
93. You are on a mission; sacrifice anything and many thing for this mission. Complete your mission and become successful in your mission.

Do you know what the secret and hidden agenda on this mission is! It is to learn. Yes, even getting to the top is not that important than this secret principle. And this is the only motive and only achievement, which you’re to seek. Therefore how could you ignore this hidden agenda even for a moment with the greed of anything else?
94. Do not allow studies to say you, that time is insufficient for you to finish all the studies. Work in such a way that time will say that all these studies are insufficient to take all these times.
95. meyekegÀí keÀ©Biee ~ efþkeÀd efþkedÀ keÀ©Biee, pewmes SkeÀ briliant student keÀjlee nw ~
96. Go to the examination with such a confidence that no question will surprise you.

97. Rule over your studies and finish it within stipulated time. Do not allow your studies to rule over you. And never let ‘short time’ be an excuse for you.
It is absolutely possible to do perfection with the present study within those stipulated period.
98. Do not do any study in any impure manner, otherwise it’ll rebound on you at the crucial time.
99. Whether you write one line or one hundred lines in exam, everything must be clear and correct. No hiding no escaping methods will work where you wants to do 100%.
100. If you’ll not do better now, you’ll repent when exam will be over, thinking that why you did not do more better which you could’ve do.
101. Confidence and enthusiasm will come over you.
Stay happy.
102. Be pure and clear towards your studies, and you’ll have power.
103. Sometimes while studying just before evening you could feel a power coming within your chest.
104. There is no perfect beginning to a particular subject that I should wait for to do memorizing and practicing. Starts from whatever answers you’ve got.
105. It’s true the task (memorizing and practicing) is vast, but it won’t do any good to close our eyes or hide under the blanket. Make the beginning.
106. You’ve to make a humble beginning. There is no other way. And initially the thought could come to your mind that “everybody can do it, so what’ll I get by doing it”, yes it is true everybody can do it. And yes everybody is expected to do well, and this is the only thing to do. And there is nothing else to do, except to do well and gain knowledge.
108. Each one of us will have to discover. Each one of us will have to discover all the studies, each word, as it is, then only knowledge will come inside us.
109. You make so much preparation that all these prescribed courses will seem to you like child’s play just before the exam starts.
110. While reading, understand everything you read, why should you read anything, which you don’t want to understand.
111. Now that we’ve got enough study, now start remembering and practice writing. Follow this one with every study. And even if you do one question a day, doesn’t matter.
112. The way to success is your ability to express things in writing.
113. Have patience and practice perfectly.
114. Say “now I’m ready to remember and practice anything and everything.”
115. Even if you understand what you read, even if you know it, you need to practice writing, and memorizing the key points, because in exam you are not going to understand or know it, you’re going to write it.
116. Time is extremely less, but, whatever you practice, practices perfectly, no matter what happens because, now, your aim is not success but to do everything perfectly (at least with a standard), and the success will come automatically.
117. If you’ll think you’ll do perfectly (in the exam) you’ll do perfectly? And if you’ll think you’ll do haphazardly, you’ll do haphazardly.

Come on! Practice!!
118. Even success is not important .......... What is important is doing your duty sincerely.
119. Remember you can do better than even the authors of the books you read.
120. If sometime or the other your concentration flies to somewhere, that’s O.K.; just get back to your work.
121. By doing study disorderly and hurriedly, you injures your study and study time.
Therefore, are you doing study to injure your study or improve it!
Hence don’t be in a hurry and don’t study disorderly, because otherwise you do not do anything better but loses something from whatever you have.
122. Don’t think that you’ll write imperfectly, why should you think like that. And don’t even think that, when you’ll write perfectly, you’ll write little, no! Don’t think like that. You’ll write perfectly, clearly and also abundantly. Because the toppers guy always does like this.
123. Study with infinite patience all these great studies till the completion of exam.
124. First speak, and then write. Speak out everything. And to memorize things Harry Lorayne is there.
125. Golden Rule _____ NEVER NEVER NEVER postpone ANYTHING, anything at all for some other day. Do it then and there. It does not matter how much you practice or how much great you’ve to remember.
126. Just love your studies, just love each sentence of the law, then you’ll have power.
127. If you’ll study with that much of concentration, every study will turned to you as child’s play.
128. See the practical use of each of the letters of the law, then only you’ll be able to do better and remember better.
129. Always search for opportunities to save time for studies.
Make all efforts to save your thinking time for the studies.
130. While practicing writing from memory, write as if you are writing in the exam hall.
131. If you could just remember some of the definitions and points, then the explanations will automatically flow from your pen.
132. With due and persevering practice; you can master anything and everything.
133. Don’t think that you’ll remember everything at a particular time, whatever comes little bit; just remember those then and there, with Harry’s system.
134. If I’ve the ability to remember everything, why should I not start doing it, le’me start doing it from now on.
135. Just now your style of study is to worship knowledge wherever you find it. Worshipping includes memorizing and practicing.
136. Stick to this schedule strictly, i.e. everyday or two one subject. Because frequently changing of subjects each day, something from this, and something from that won’t do you any good.
137. While doing any study, just do that study only, do not think about any other study.
Those who’re reading this booklet, I would rather request you not to waste your time in reading such stuffs, if you don’t practice even a single good word!
Mere reading just won’t do any good. PRACTICE IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.
139. Now there are lots of things you can do, you can either remember things wherever and whichever manner you find, make fresh notes, or you can simply just read and understand, etc.
140. Not a single sentence should cause headache to you, because every single sentence is love, a joy, and a tremendous gain for you. Grasp all things with its fullness, and be rich in knowledge, which is the real wealth.
141. When you sit bending your backbone, your voice changes and you find it hard to read from your mouth. Where as when you sit straight, you could speak freely and easily.
142. Object of studying something repeatedly is to make that your personal, to adopt, to be habituated with that. Where as if you can be really patient and sincere you can do that by reading once. By sincere mean, whenever there is a need to write an important point you go straight and write it in fresh notebook.
143. From our childhood we’ve developed a habit of reading questions with hatred ness whereas we should love to read question as much as if we’ve got the answer key series book in the exam hall.
144. I’ve seen it that I’ve read something once, but again after some minute when I reads that with a fresh mind and concentration, I finds more meaning in that sentence, I mean to say, I read more in that sentence.
Therefore whatever you study, study it with that utmost standard.
145. When you start reading anything, read with utmost confidence and absolute faith on yourself that whatever you’ll read you’ll understand that.
If you’ll have this attitude, you’ll achieve the result what this attitude gives, i.e. as stated above.
146. Don’t accept study as suffering. Otherwise if you’ll consider the study as suffering, you’ll really suffer. Accept the study to be as excited as your favorite game.
147. “Don’t worry, don’t worry everything will be alright...”
I’ve been going on saying this word to me time and again.

149. There is no fixed, statutised, point of beginning to remember and practice.
150. Go to a calm, open place, for a five-minute walk, everyday, and you’ll study better after that.
151. First read and understand the ‘thought’, because first of all you should make the thought ‘you thought’.
152. Keep your mind cool and balanced. Stay healthy. Keep your body healthy.
153. ‘IS RICH IN KNOWLEDGE’. Yes make this your motive while studying. And you get tremendous power.
154. Not only study, but create the spirit of study, after creating the spirit of study, study in that spirit, and when spirit will come, everything that is necessary will come.
155. Just think when you receive a letter, an exciting letter, a letter of opportunity for prosperity, do you reads it loudly or from mouth, no! you simply reads it with all the concentration, silently, and understands everything, remembers everything. Why you do it only because there is excitement, love. Why don’t you create such an attitude while studying law? Just know that every sentence you study will come in your use.
156. Take one thing up, do it, and see the end of it, and before you’ve seen the end of it, never give it up.
158. Every knowledge is precious gain, while reading, studying anything, think about it, you’ll get power. Every knowledge is a great treasure, treasure it up forever, make it your own, and let it get absorbed within you.
159. Eliminate that delusion from your mind and you’ll find that you are so great than all these studies; these are all just child’s play.
161. Why we do not memorize everything we reads, because our primary aim was of understanding, and memorizing is sometimes not even in our plan.
162. If there are thousand fruits which you’ve to eat in order to get success, you’ve to eat. You cannot search a short cut.
If you’ve to give infinite patience, perseverance, and hard work, you’ve to give it, there is no other way. If you can’t give, give up; there is no other way.
163. Be creative. And write your own rules. And have faith on your judgment. And follow yourself.
Have faith on yourself and have faith on what you think and say as right. Have that infinite faith on yourself. Believe in yourself.
Never lose faith in yourself.
164. Be genuine, understand! be genuine.
165. If you can understand and digest one sentence, you can understand and digest millions of sentences. Only because there are lots of studies to do in a subject, it does not mean those studies are difficult, those studies are just vast.
166. When you really understand, you read faster.
167. While practicing writing, when you commit mistake, correct it immediately.
168. Every sentence is your favorite if you know how to study it.
169. Whatever you study think that it’s going to come in exam.
170. Don’t make your mind puzzled. Conquer one after another.
171. If you’ll have faith that you’ll do excellent, you’ll do excellent. You’ll do that much of excellent that any person, any human being, could do or could reach to that perfection.
172. Don’t bother your head with these trashes, which I’ve mentioned in these pages, but pick up the words of my Master, and succeed like success.
175. Another valuable experience I’ve got is that whatever I’ve studied with absolute concentration, that I’ve remembered and that I’ve written.
176. It’s personal: - The great fact is whatever I’m studying 24 hrs before exam, which I’m writing in exam.
177. Do extremely hard work for these days, with unflinching patience.
178. You’ll not remember, if you’ll not want to remember.
179. To find a job or to earn money is not the major factor of education. Keep your efforts on.
By education you exceeds and improves your ability, gets the million-dollar knowledge. And for all these the effort must be always true and genuine, and no hypocrisy or cheating thyself.
180. Another great experience I got is that the very basic and main thing understands, whatever you read, read perfectly. At the worst you can write yourself if you properly understand.
181. You understand everything but you do not remember everything, right! here lies the problem, isn’t it ?
182. When you goes to study a new topic, eliminate that fear within you, and think that it’s as easy as any other study.
183. If Western or Eastern authors, philosophers, scholars can give their definition and define the theories of law, why can’t you do that.
184. Adopt all the knowledge, then only you’ll get success in the exam.
185. When you do not register something within your mind you just do not remember it.
186. Believe me if you’ll read with real concentration, a single reading is sufficient.
187. Sometimes while applying a principle you may find it quite difficult, but practice it, you may find it to be the best principle. Remember perfection comes out of practice. With regular practice a principle or thing becomes easy and habituated.
188. Bring your confidence back, by some initial and repeated reading of a difficult subject.
189. I study and study, and in between a miraculous power come within the body which says me I can tackle any studies, and I’m ready to write on any topic.
190. Learning is learning. And there is no difference between learning for exam and learning for knowledge.
191. Put time and labor, then you’ll succeed.
192. Well, believe me there is nothing called perfect preparation, end of preparation, complete preparation, because knowledge itself is infinite. Therefore it’s just a continuous process. Just keep going making improvements and getting stronger day by day.
193. Even if you are to be extremely slow in order to be holy and pure, let it be that, even if you’ll be very slow while getting enriched in knowledge, let it be so; after sometime you’ll find that you’ve become faster than supersonic jet.
194. Do not look at the page of the book as if your son is lying dead.
195. Don’t say I’ll finish, first finish and then say I’ve finished.
196. Sleep as much as is necessary for the body. Don’t be so greed by sleeping less, and thereby injuring your mind and body. You feel energetic and confident in the morning time.
Never stay awake late in night. It builds up depression.
Early to bed is always the best.
197. It is better to get failed than to study like a mad fellow, just achieving nothing.
198. Mind is born to think .It is only other thoughts which is coming to mind, and these thought takes the place in mind, and the mind - machine goes on working with it, and thought of studying your subjects vanishes.
At these times resist all these unwarranted thoughts. Don’t be inactive. And activity means resisting those thoughts. Resist it the moment it drops in. Have faith in yourself that you’ll be able to control your mind ABSOLUTELY.
199. It is just a wrong conception to think that just a day or two before exam you could manage and cover the rest of the study, it’s just a wrong idea. You achieves nothing like this. You must prepare rest of the study beforehand. Any way doesn’t get discouraged and work on.
200. Knowledge should make you happy; give tremendous joy to you, if it is not happening so, there is something wrong with you.
201. We’re a poor, poor country, man... But if you can arrange your breakfast, your study ability will improve, you’ll feel energetic, and your concentration will gear up.
202. Don’t think that interesting life will start only after end of exam. Think this day as the best and exciting day of life.
203. In exam I thinks I can write because, I thinks, I’ve to write.
204. Know it for certain that without revision and re-revision, notes in the note book will simply remain as notes over there, and won’t help you much. And don’t think you’ll be able to do revision and re-revision only a day or two before exam, this is not at all so, this is not at all so.
205. Make the full use of your creative writing; no one is going to raise any objection on it.
206. Go out, talk a while with your friend, and clean your mind thereby; bring mental balance.
207. Remember one knowledge can be utilized on another. So whatever you study, study carefully, perfectly, with all the devotion.
208. Yes this should be the only great motive, and this is also right, strong and fruitful means to success, i.e. to get enriched with KNOWLEDGE. Always follow it.
209. As there is nothing called perfect preparation, THE MORE YOU’LL WORK; THE MORE NEARER YOU’LL BE TO SUCCESS.
210. Study is like gathering great, valuable results everyday. You gains so much, and you improves your knowledge so much. And you never know how much you can improve yourself.
211. There are many principles given by Swami Vivekananda for success, and even following one of them will make you successful.
212. Look at the book as if you’re looking at a million dollar cheque.
213. Strategy should not only be overall, but it should be very factual, very upto-date, and very to the point, and on every minutest detail, and continuous, and on anything and everything. Do everything according to strategy. Even be strategic on every particular topic of subject you read.
214. Think that (doing excellent in exam) and you may end up doing that.
215. In all these examination ‘memory’ is success, memory is king.
216. Every minutest positive step you takes, every single concentration you makes every single sentence you understand, will work in a thousand-fold way at the right time. A small step is always important, because there is no such thing called great step, as all great steps are made up of small steps. Every single effort counts.
217. While studying anything thinks that this study is all yours, and you belong to your study. Then power will come to you.
218. Do not cheat yourself simply by sitting down pretending to be studying.
219. It is only you who makes things hard, where as there is nothing called hard, everything is as easy as smiling.
220. Always know that you can grasp and understand and take control of any study as easily as any other study. Always know that nothing is hard.
221. Convert every knowledge, as your favorite knowledge; convert every subject every fact as your favorite subject and favorite fact.
222. Never read only for the exam. Read only to get enriched with knowledge. Reading for exam is absolutely secondary, a mere nothing.
223. Be creative. Study in your own creative way. Form your own personal instructions.
224. After lunch the concentration goes perhaps a little dim (may be it’s only applicable to me). So, instead of studying literary topic, study technical ones.
225. If you’ll read thinking that you’ll be puzzled, and that you cannot understand, it’ll really come out so. If you’ll read thinking it not to be correct, it’ll remain so.
226. Study the way you should study, it does not matter if you could study only one percent out of hundred.
Do not study in insufficient light. It is gravely injurious to your eyes.
228. Think before you write, then you could write in a better language.
Think the next sentence completely before you start writing that sentence, because no one likes to cut again and again of the things written, and of a sentence is grammatically correct, no one cares to rewrite just for a little better language. And normally we do not think over a sentence again just to write it in a better language.
229. Whatever new vocabulary you are learning, remember that perfectly. Even if you remember one vocabulary in one day, it is more than enough. Because by this every year you learns 365 new vocabularies.
230. While studying if you find that you are getting absentminded, the simple way is just get your attention back to studies, and do not worry about the time and energy, which was lost at that absentminded period.
231. You’ll remember and understand only if you’ll study in the right manner, and unless you study in right manner, even if you study a particular thing a thousand times, it won’t help; you’ve to come to the right manner in order to understand and remember it. Therefore why should you waste your time in tongue-service and absentmindedness, where as you’ve to come back to right manner in order to learn, understand and remember. Hence what you can do in once or twice reading and in some case few writing, why should you make a thousand attempts in order to do it, why should you waste your time and energy in such a way.
232. If you are not reading, do not look at the book.
233. When it is time for learning learns as a learner learns, and, yes, admits that you were ignorant before.
234. When you need to read, read what you need.
235. Study is also a work. As you do not cares for mood while doing any physical work, so also while doing any study do not care for any mood.
236. Mere reading without sufficient thinking is not of much use.
237. How reading will benefit me. Because we reads what we already are. But the motive of 90% reading is to know more and be more. Therefore I’m yet to know how to be more knowledgeable, more spiritual.
238. The letters are dead in books and you need to bring it to life in your life and in the lives of others. The letters are mere letters in books, but you turn it into diamond and gold when you bring it out from books.
239. While studying if your body posture hampers your concentration, then correct your posture immediately and go on working.
There are thousands of things, which will happen to break your concentration, but go on slowly and persistently. Things like, your body’s activities, like finger movements, leg movements, scratching, etc., etc.
240. Let not the worry of memory and preparation for the comprehensive question and the vision of discussion, cause you problem while reading or studying.
241. Do not be a hypocrite while studying. Be straight to your weakness and strengths. Only then you’ll improve.
242. When I writes Oriya (my mother-language), I tries my best to write it correctly.
And I can do it by writing slowly as I’m beginning and not getting hurried, acting like an expert person.
In order to do it I need to be extremely patience and hard working.
243. Have patience, whatever you are studying, study that patiently, slowly but steadily, calmly, and perfectly, even if you’ve to do lot of other study.
244. You are going to achieve a goal. And the moment you waste a single minute, ask yourself “why”.
245. You keep on reading and keep on making notes.
246. You are master over your mind, body and soul, so make this work for exam.
I’ll not say “No TV” because before you think of T.V. ask this question to you “Have I finished everything needed for exam?”
247. In the exam your handwriting must be absolutely legible.
249. Whatever mind you’ve, the person who does best in your school also has that mind. So, you can also do that what he does, even better than him/her.
The person who comes first in the examination knows from the beginning of the academic year that he’ll become first and it is that faith that belief in himself which brings success to him. You need to have that faith.
250. Once you’ve started some study, some chapter, and then leave it only after finishing it. Finishing could mean everything. This is where hard work is warranted. Hard work does not only mean ploughing or planting a tree or cultivating, you’re not doing that, you’re on study chair. It does mean writing whenever writing is needed without getting idle, watching dictionary whenever it is needed sincerely.
Once you’ve started something finish it, then go to next one. For this you need to have abundance patience. You need to have patience as much as there is water in the sea.
251. Revision is a must. It keeps you intact. Otherwise you come down to there where you had been at the beginning.
252. In the classroom don’t give a wrong answer coming in excitement to show that you’ve studied.
253. When you reads with proper concentration, you reads faster.
254. Yes, why not repeat reading ten times a reading material, if it is needed, to read it more confidently, to put it inside mind.
255. When you read each word, you are supposed to think about that word, visionise that one. Otherwise why you’re reading that one!
256. You should do hard work in study to gain knowledge and not just to get jobs.
257. While reading something think that you yourself have written it, and just now you are reading your own writing. See, you will feel a new power.
258. You’re above all the systems.
Do not criticize the system of examination. Conquer it.
259. You commit sin when you read without sufficient thinking.
260. We remember that on which we base our heart. We accept that on which our heart fall.
So, whatever you do put your heart on it. You do better when you love. To which you love you do everything for it, you gives your life to it.
You can be made to love. Love is the ultimate sign of unselfishness. So, learn to love everything.
Become perfectly unselfish and love will start flowing.
Love the tiny atom of this world.
So when you open a book to read, love each and everything contain in it.
This is the best way of study, of remembering something, and utilizing that information (which is the very motive of study).
Remember it is a mind like yours, which have discovered it, invented it, and created it.
That one mind is transferring it to another mind.
In my opinion this is the way of studying, otherwise all other are waste of time and energy.
261. Never show indecent hurry.
The result of being hurry is waste of time and energy.
262. Everyday brush teeth after dinner.
264. Know how to be a good reader. Enjoy reading, and feel blessed.
266. Idleness is one of the greatest problems for students. I’m not talking of only physical idleness but mental idleness also. Do any mental exercise you are needed without any delay.
267. Improve yourself. You’re doing well; try to be better.

If necessary do a particular study stretching for a long time.
You may be studying slowly, and silently, but you’re studying with complete enthusiasm.
268. Do not think that your teachers will push you forward. Do not think that they’ll lead you to success. It is you and you alone who’ll be responsible for your success.

No professional tutors will want you to be turned into a “Super brain”. Because if you’ll be one you’ll not attend their tutorials and they’ll lose money thereby.
269. Many have been ordinary matriculates, ordinary graduates who had been students in this schools. Do you wants to turn yourself one like that. Bring that fire within you and hate being an ordinary student. Do everything to do the best in all the studies. That is what you are expected to do and you can do it.
270. For motivation and encouragement read one sentence of Swami Vivekananda.

Built the habit of writing. Write frequently.

Either study in the right way or don’t do it at all.
Either do hard work, or stop the study.

SIT STEADY, maximum time.
When you sit stoop you’re not as energetic as when you sit steadily. Remember I says to sit steadily maximum time ... but not always ... You do sit comfortably.

Whenever you meet another human being know that he or she is exactly what you are. How beautiful it is, isn’t it!

Keep your room clean. And study in healthy and encouraging atmosphere, and you’ll study better, remember better.

ONENESS IS THE SECRET OF EVERYTHING. Whatever you’re reading is the out-come of another mind like your one. And when you read your own mind it should be the most enjoyable thing of life.

Writing, creative writing, personal writing is so important, it is 50% of education but in my 20 years academic life not even once any teacher has instructed us to do that. And nowhere in our academic study there is any mention to do that. ASTONISHING! INCREDIBLE!!

271. Your body is your slave; your mind is your slave. Put your slaves to work. Tell your mind the way to do study.

Exert everything of your to achieve your goal.

Put more work.
272. Do not look back; but forward. What you’ll get by looking back. Don’t look back to your past records if those are not so healthy.
Don’t judge yourself from your past! Don’t judge yourself from your past defects.
Don’t let your past hold you back.
Do not think about your past failures.

The Great & True Solace

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1. Those answers which you think are going to take less time than the other ones, do that first and those answers which is going to take long, keep that to last, because whatever time you’ll be saving from former questions, you can use these times on latter questions.
2. Write the bad answers at last, by which the first impression will not be a bad impression, and the examiner will mark this one after giving mark to all other questions.
3. While writing essay first think the whole sentence and then write, because there is no coming back or cutting and correcting.
4. And no need to cheat thyself in pretending that you must write for the full allotted time and must not finish before time. If you could finish writing in two hrs out of the allotted three hrs, fine, stop writing and do check-up.
5. Some have accepted using additional (paper) as an essential to be in merit list.
6. First read all the question or else, how will you know to answering which question you’ll begin, the answer, which you can give best.
7. Never never never try to cheat the examiner.
8. When you’re not confident with your answers you hesitates to write in paragraphs!
9. Exert everything while answering a question. Be ever optimist, and know that you can write answer of a question, which you don’t know at first.
10. Don’t wait for the nature to grasp you (waiting time to come finish by which I can pretend and feel self-satisfied that time has finished and hence I could not answer). If you can finish within two hrs out of three hrs, no need to feel guilty for that, and don’t think yourself mean. Why should you think that your answer should be finished right on time?
11. While writing in exam hall never expect sympathy from the examiner. Never weaken yourself.
12. In the exam hall do not make it a fashion of writing a lot and making it a fashion.
13. It is far better to exert everything on an answer than not to try at all.
14. Be creative over an answer if you did not practice it well before and have faith on your creativity, and know that it’s the best.
15. Don’t bore the examiner by writing trash. Writing trash works against you.
16. It is indeed foolish to study new things the day before exam, and thereby not giving time to revise those studies, which you’ve made in the past. You see it takes less time to revise old studies than to study new matters.
17. The twelve pages of the answer book is not the standard which you need to keep an eye over. Don’t care how much paper are there in the answer book and how much you need to finish, just note down one thing that you just need to answer the questions, and make your answering so timely that you answers all questions, if possible, better. And don’t care how much empty paper was left.
Why should you repent for finishing some minute before time, it’s a matter of pride for finishing before time.
18. Even if you’ve to write many things from your wordings, be sincere on that. Never say irrelevant things and never try to cheat the examiner. Don’t write any worthless things just for the sake of writing. It’s injurious. You cannot dare to cheat the examiner who is reading the answer of a particular question may be more than fifty times. And if you’ll be sincere he’ll be impressed with you. Never even for a while try to cheat the examiner.
19. These few hours before exam is all the important ones. Be sure of it. Read, revise and refer with a heart.
20. Count the time, which you’ll get for each question.
21. Draw a line in between the answers.


ALison - Free Learning


1. Talk to your English teacher in English.
2. Be brave while speaking, or writing English.
3. Show the real patience while studying English grammar. Abundance patience!
4. While reading read from month, it’ll improve your pronunciation skill; you’ll talk to yourself and will know how those were put into words.
5. While copying, read a long sentence at a stretch and then write from your memory. This is one way to improve your English; and so also your memory and vocabulary.
6. Listen English from T.V. or radio, attentively, as if the speaker is speaking only to you.
7. Or, come to the sea-beach of Puri and compel the foreigners to talk to you, as my friend Dilip does!! HA!
* Sayings of Swami Vivekananda


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